Estate Planning Essentials for Oklahoma Residents


This book includes information on:

  • Wills

  • Living Trusts

  • Estate Distribution

  • Power of Attorney

  • Business Succession

  • Advance Directives

  • Anatomical Gifts

  • Burial Wishes

Do you have YOUR affairs in order?

This book can help you understand what decisions you should consider and act on, and provides  worksheets, sample scenarios, and questions to give you a basic understanding about how you can go about identifying your own estate plan needs.

Estate Planning Essentials for Oklahoma Residents

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    Why did I write this book?

    I wrote this book because I like making a difference in people’s lives.  We all want to add value, and this is one way I can reach a lot of people I may never meet.  What I hope this book does for you is help you understand what decisions you should consider and act upon.  As you read this book, I provide a couple of worksheets, several scenarios, and questions to give you a basic understanding about how you can go about identifying you own estate planning needs.

    In a nut shell, the purpose of this book is to provide a general roadmap for approaching estate planning questions, for example:

    • Are you comfortable with the way in which your personal affairs are ordered today?
    • Do you understand all of the end of life decisions you need to make to protect yourself and those you love?
    • Do you want other people to guess about your estate plan goals or would you rather provide that direction?
    • Are you confident that you know the best way to achieve your end of life choices and estate planning goals?
    • Would you like a person you can trust to help coach you through the tough decisions?
    • Have you made, or failed to make, some business decisions that may be inconsistent with your end of life goals?
    • What tools are out there to help correct decisions you may no longer be happy with?

    If this book helps you deal with the challenges you may be inevitably facing in life for yourself or those you love, then it has fulfilled its purpose. I will consider this book a home run if it helps you identify a few critical estate planning and end of life questions that you have not considered.


    Clients come to me for a variety of reasons – sometimes after a marriage or divorce, the birth of a child or grandchild, or a big purchase – but they usually have the same goal in mind, which is to ensure that everything is taken care.  Difficult decisions must be made during the process of estate planning, and this causes a lot of people to freeze up or feel unable to move forward.  Considering this, it made sense to draft a book that provides people with a checklist of things to consider before seeing an attorney.  This will remove the pressure to decide quickly, and help ensure that every decision reached has been carefully thought out.


    About Attorney Michael McCann

    Michael McCann grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated with a degree in psychology from Oklahoma State University. In 1992, he graduated from the University of Tulsa College of Law.

    Over his career he has worked for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies fulfilling both professional and legal roles. He has worked in capacities as mediator, a compliance professional, collaborative lawyer, and litigator. He has negotiated, managed and organized a multitude of projects, including some at the national level. Through this book his experience allows you to leverage his life lessons to help you anticipate and avoid causing fights for the ones you may leave behind.

    His success has been achieved with integrity. Throughout his entire career, he has been dedicated to creating solutions that meet his clients’ needs. Whether he is helping to establish a company, organize operations, create compliance structure, managing litigation, or negotiating complex contracts, he always strives to achieve his clients’ goals.

    The 10 Steps of Estate Planning

    1. Gather family information
    2. Gather financial information
    3. Set goals for both personal and financial needs and desires. This can include both business and family considerations
    4. Conduct a legal and tax analysis based on the goals that have been prioritized
    5. Based on the information, goals, and analysis, consider whether there should be a will or trust
    6. Once a plan has been agreed upon, the attorney prepares the documents
    7. The attorney submits the documents to the client for review
    8. Once the documents have been approved by the client, the documents are executed
    9. After the documents have been executed, the plan is implemented (i.e., assets will be transferred to a trust, beneficiaries will be named, and/or transfer on death deeds with be drafted)
    10. A completed plan and final set of documents is available for safekeeping