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The Importance of Easement Agreements

Easement Case File

Dealing with right-of-way and easement agreements can be an intimidating and challenging process for many landowners.  While wind, gas, oil, solar, and cell towers provide irreplaceable services to homes and businesses all across the United States these also place a burden on the land. Because many of these facilities must be constructed upon privately owned […]

Urban Agriculture: Using Food Systems as an Opportunity to Strengthen Tulsa’s Community

How do we strengthen Tulsa’s rich sense of community? What if . . . Using urban agriculture, we can establish Tulsa as a nationally recognized food system innovation district combining the existing initiatives of farm to table, buy fresh, buy local, urban farming, new urbanism, intentional communities, and STEM? Create entrepreneurial opportunities while providing education […]

Corporate Compliance is about Operational Integrity

Corporate Compliance The biggest challenge with corporate compliance is the potential operational drag on the organization.  In the bigger picture, management needs to ensure any proposed control either maintains or improves operational efficiencies.  Subject matter experts (SME) don’t always think from the perspective of executive management. The executive management team is concerned with profit, growth, […]

5 Things a Landowner Needs to Know When Negotiating Easements

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As a landowner, it can be hard to determine what your rights are when a  company begins to negotiate an easement agreement. There are 5 fundamental rules to negotiating an easement regardless of the type of agreement. Make sure what you agree to is in the agreement Just because the right-of-way agent says it, doesn’t […]

Unity is a Better Word than Diversity

Diversity Focuses on Differences and not Commonalities I don’t like the word diversity.  I like the word unity better.  Merriam Webster defines diversity plural diversities 1 : the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : variety; especially : the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) […]

Why Should Non-Profit Organizations Lead Innovation in a Food Desert?

Why Incubate? Nonprofit organizations are considering worker-owned business development as a  tool for community economic development.  Worker-owned businesses and cooperatives often align with the mission of the nonprofit organizations that are seeking to build economic empowerment and opportunity.  For more information about the ins and outs of using a non-profit cooperative as the sponsoring organization […]

Tying it Together: Community, Knowledge and Passion

Community A community of poverty, as previously discussed is comprised of a series of broken relationships.  The key to solving an equation is finding the common denominator.  The common denominator works in math and life relationships.  For a system of poverty, community is the common denominator.  Merriam-Webster defines “community” as “1 :a unified body of […]

Lessons from a Farmer: Passion for Lifestyle

There is an old saying around the farm “The chicken may be committed to making breakfast, but the pig, well he’s dedicated.”  The point is to be successful farming, one has to be dedicated, not just committed. Passion for Lifestyle Emily’s second observation has been that not everyone has a passion for farming.  That’s okay, […]

Lessons from a Farmer: Need for Knowledge

Regarding barriers to entry, the big buckets that act as barriers to becoming a farmer include equipment costs, land costs, transportation costs, knowledge, and passion.   I met with Emily Oakley of Three Springs Farm yesterday.   Emily acknowledged the equipment and transportation barriers and went further stating two barriers often overlooked. Need for Knowledge Emily acknowledged […]