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Tying it Together: Community, Knowledge and Passion

Community A community of poverty, as previously discussed is comprised of a series of broken relationships.  The key to solving an equation is finding the common denominator.  The common denominator works in math and life relationships.  For a system of poverty, community is the common denominator.  Merriam-Webster defines “community” as “1 :a unified body of […]

Lessons from a Farmer: Passion for Lifestyle

There is an old saying around the farm “The chicken may be committed to making breakfast, but the pig, well he’s dedicated.”  The point is to be successful farming, one has to be dedicated, not just committed. Passion for Lifestyle Emily’s second observation has been that not everyone has a passion for farming.  That’s okay, […]

Lessons from a Farmer: Need for Knowledge

Regarding barriers to entry, the big buckets that act as barriers to becoming a farmer include equipment costs, land costs, transportation costs, knowledge, and passion.   I met with Emily Oakley of Three Springs Farm yesterday.   Emily acknowledged the equipment and transportation barriers and went further stating two barriers often overlooked. Need for Knowledge Emily acknowledged […]

Poverty Requires a Systemic Solution

Poverty is a System Merriam Webster roughly defines a system as a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole.  Examples may include a group of interacting bodies under the influence of related forces such as a gravitational system.  Another example is an assemblage of substances that is in, or tends to […]

Why Urban Agriculture in a Community with High Poverty?

Why Urban Agriculture A few months ago, I watched a Simon Sinek Ted Talk about “Why?” ( Why?).  His argument is that great change leaders start with answering the question of “Why?”  His argument “why is what motivates change.”  And that made me think: How do we solve poverty issues in Tulsa?  Why urban agriculture?    […]